Water in Fire 2

Water in Fire 2

Do you like action games? you can't miss this unique opportunity
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Do you like action games? you can't miss this unique opportunity. Water in Fire is an incredible shooter that combines good action and simplicity. You can control a battle that take place in air, ground and sea. The game has a lot of levels and you will take part in different missions from assisting allied air force destroy enemies to guiding the armed battleship through enemy waters to destroy hostile armed forces. The enemy has an amazing variety of aircraft and weapons such as bombs, missiles, and torpedoes.
Stunning true color graphic are tremendous, with special effects, surely is one of the best features of Water in Fire, the flashing gunfire is a very nice touch too. Music and sounds effects are nice too, and all results in a dynamic gameplay. The different game modes you can play are exciting, you can help allied air force to destroy their targets, you can control a battleship or amphibious tank through enemy waters, or you can protect a naval base. Although the game has 4 levels of difficulty, the enemy is not smart enough, levels of difficulty just increase the speed.
Action and entertaining are guaranteed! no matter how old are you, definitely you will enjoy this game.

Review summary


  • Very improved graphics
  • Lot of action


  • Enemies need to be more smart
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